Planning for Fulltime

Now that I have an RV that should make for a suitable residence, I was ready to start planning the next life chapter: becoming a full-time RVer. After reading so many blogs and watching so many Youtube videos I was really inspired and nervous at the same time. But I was ready to escape this

Hello, Fleetwood!

After looking online at literally hundreds of RVs and speaking with dozens of sales reps from all over the eastern region, I settled on a 2015 Fleetwood Excursion 33D. It was located at a Camping World in Richmond, IN. It was 34′ long on a Freightliner chassis with a Cummins 300HP diesel power plant, with

A New RV, Already?!

After living in the apartment for a few months a plan was starting to solidify. I spent hours upon hours watching Youtube videos of other full-time RVers making their transitions from the “sticks and bricks” life to a life on the road… and I was rapidly catching the bug. After living in the Winnebago Brave

Minimalism Part 2

After getting the minimalism bug and purging 2/3rds of my possessions, I decided I no longer needed the house. It was too much space and too expensive to maintain. Which is crazy right because I just had it built a year and a half ago! I was tinkering with the whole living-in-an-RV thing but since


I think the beginning of my nomadic journey started out as minimalism. Here I was living in my brand new 3 bedroom house with the white picket (ok black metal) fence, the big screen TV, a garage full of tools and toys, everything. And I was miserable. But why? Isn’t this the epitome of the

My First RV

For years I had fantasized about getting an RV. When the thought first crossed my mind I was living in Southern California, and due to the extremely high cost of living it just wasn’t an option at the time. Fast forward about 12 or so years and it’s back in the forefront. I didn’t know