Planning for Fulltime

Now that I have an RV that should make for a suitable residence, I was ready to start planning the next life chapter: becoming a full-time RVer. After reading so many blogs and watching so many Youtube videos I was really inspired and nervous at the same time. But I was ready to escape this suburban hell and live off the grid, wherever I wanted whenever I wanted.

While I couldn’t stop thinking about a new life on the road, at the same time there were so many questions and it seemed overwhelming:

  1. Where would I domicile so I could maintain a driver’s license and vehicle plates?
  2. How would I get mail?
  3. Even though I had downsized considerably over the past year or so, what would do with my remaining things?
  4. Where would I camp, and for how long?
  5. Would there be enough room for the dogs and how would they adjust?
  6. What would I do for internet access?
  7. And the biggest, how would I work this out with my employer?

Fortunately there have been many RVers who figured these things out long before me and were gracious enough to document it online. Let the research begin…

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