Minimalism Part 2

After getting the minimalism bug and purging 2/3rds of my possessions, I decided I no longer needed the house. It was too much space and too expensive to maintain. Which is crazy right because I just had it built a year and a half ago! I was tinkering with the whole living-in-an-RV thing but since I wasn’t ready to make such a major life commitment I figuredĀ I would move into a small apartment until I came up with a longer-term plan.

The house

So I put my house on the market and figured while it was showing this would be a good opportunity (pun intended) to test drive living in my Winnebago Brave. I parked on my friend Will’s property, but it was getting into December and getting pretty cold, so after 4 weeks of no offers on the house I pulled the plug and signed a lease on an apartment because I didn’t want to live in the house while it was showing. Long story short, it took 4 MONTHS to sell that house, it was a stressful time. That might be the subject of another blog post.

But at least I got a pretty good feel for what it would be like to live in an RV with the dogs.

My minimalist apartment

So now I’m living in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment with a fraction of my former possessions and a much smaller footprint, and I finally felt like I could breath a little, like a huge burden had been lifted.

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