A New RV, Already?!

After living in the apartment for a few months a plan was starting to solidify. I spent hours upon hours watching Youtube videos of other full-time RVers making their transitions from the “sticks and bricks” life to a life on the road… and I was rapidly catching the bug.

After living in the Winnebago Brave for a month while I was selling my house, I decided if I was eventually going to live in one full-time, it wasn’t going to work for Beau, Ginny and I. I loved that little coach but the floor plan and storage weren’t going to cut it for all the stuff we needed to carry. I did some storage hacks like hanging collapsible shelves and shoe holders in the tiny closets but that just wasn’t going to be enough.


And outside of those little closets I literally had a single tiny drawer, just big enough to hold your underwear. There was a small cabinet over the bed too, but I had to store more than just clothes, right?

So the search began for an RV that was going to be suitable as a full-time residence for me and my four-legged companions. My requirements were: a class A under 35′ long (to maximize campground options), ideally a diesel pusher (because I’d been reading about how much nicer the ride and amenities were), and ideally one with a washer/dryer setup (I mean who wants to go to a laundromat if they can help it?).

I also wanted to go used this time. I made the rookie mistake of buying the Brave brand new, and here it is only a year later and I’m looking to trade her in… and lose my ass on first-year depreciation in the process. They say you don’t really know what you want/need when you get your first RV. Live and learn I guess.

Now with a pretty firm handle on what I wanted, time to start scouring the internet.

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